S.T.A.R. Programs

CRistina Cuevas - Counselor Supervisor Case Manager - THPP/THP+FC​

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To contact Monica please email - cristinac@starprogramsinc.org

Jessica Marquez - TAY Program Coordinator ​

Jessica graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.A in Sociology, not knowing what she was going to do with her degree. Jessica had a passion for helping people in need and knew that S.T.A.R Programs shared the same vision as she did. Jessica states that "It is a privilege to get the opportunity to work with a diverse population of resilient youth". She enjoys what she does and gets personal gratification from supporting, inspiring, and motivating youth to achieve their personal goals.  

To contact Jessica please email - jessicam@starprogramsinc.org

Our Leadership Team 

Susan Cardoza-Counselor Supervisor Case Manager - THPP/THP+FC

To contact Susan please email - susanc@starprogramsinc.org

Steuart Samuels - Executive Director​​

Steuart earned his BA in Psychology and MA in Counselor Education from San Jose State University. He began his career at St. Andrew's Residence for Boys S.T.A.R. House in 1976, when the newly formed board of directors found a vacant house in Cupertino so isolated that no one objected to a residential facility of this type. What he thought would be a “great summer gig” has become his life’s work.

Fabiola Aguirre-  Counselor Supervisor Case Manager - THPP/THP+FC​

To contact Fabiola please email - fabiolaa@starprogramsinc.org

Cheyenne Lofthouse-Wolf- Counselor Supervisor Case Manager - Boy's Group Home​

To contact Cheyenne please email - cheyennelw@starprogramsinc.org

Christina Faraone - Counselor Supervisor Case Manager - Girl's Group Home​

To contact Christina please email - christinaf@starprogramsinc.org

Vicky Taylor, MSW - Social Work Supervisor​

Vicky graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of California, Davis and a Master of Social Work Degree from San Jose State University. Vicky has a passion for helping others and enjoys working as a part of a diverse team. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

To contact Vicky please email - vickyt@starprogramsinc.org